The Human Side of Analytics

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I'll be giving a talk at the Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy (AMES) 2016 conference next week and I wanted to share a teaser of the presentation I'll be giving. 

My session is titled The Human Side of Analytics and will explore the role of people, communication and storytelling within the big data and analytics industry. This is a topic I'm quite passionate about and have written a few pieces on in the past. Check out this recent article I wrote which was published on the SapientNitro blog, titled Why You Should Hire an Empirical Storyteller.

A great deal has changed in the analytics field over the last few years. For one, the technology and software that power this industry have become much more sophisticated and widely accessible. Unfortunately, while the tech landscape has evolved, the ways in which we think about, invest in and nurture analytics talent hasn't advanced at the same pace. 

I believe we're at a tipping point where the industry focus in coming years will shift from analytics software and technology to people. Last year, the IDC estimated that the “professional services-to-technology ratio [within the big data and anlaytics industry] will increase 25 per cent”, suggesting that the focus is shifting from technology to people driven services and solutions. Optimal Ways CEO Nicolas Mal agreed, as he predicted that “the focus [of digital analytics] will shift to the management and communication of digital data within companies”. 

Here's the synopsis for my talk:

Last year the global analytics industry was estimated to be worth $125 billion in hardware, software and services revenue. Consequently the market has been flooded with more tools, platforms and tech than you can shake a calculator at. When it comes to data, the core challenge many businesses face today seems to have less to do with analytics technology and infrastructure and more to do with finding the right people, talent and skills. In this presentation Stephen will share 10 lessons for building a successful analytics program through a ‘people-first’ strategy.

And here are the first few slides from the presso. 

Want to see the whole thing? Come see my session at AMES 2016! Though, if you can't make it just drop me a note and I'd be happy to send over a copy of the full presentation.