Upcoming Engagements

Event Title: A Singapore CFO Institute – Waggener Edstrom Communications Roundtable – Singapore, November 12th 2014
Session Title: Social Media Monitoring & Analytics for CFOs

Event Title: Social Media Monitoring Workshop – Singapore, February 5-6th, 2015, Hong Kong, February 9-10th 2015, Workshop Leader


Past Engagements

Event Title: Administrative Requirements for Transmedia Content Strategies & Measurement Conference – Singapore, October 27-28th 2014
Session Title: Measuring the Effectiveness of Transmedia Content Strategy

Event Title: Social Media Monitoring & Risk Management, NUS -  Singapore, October 13th, 2014
Session Title: Social Media Measurement Training  

Event Title: Social Media Monitoring & Analysis Workshop -  Singapore, September 25-26th, 2014, Hong Kong, September 29-30th 2014, Workshop Leader

Event Title: New Media Relations Conferences -  Singapore, July 14-15th, 2014
Session Title: Proving Its Worth: Measuring the Effectiveness of Digital Media Relations

Event Title: CENS Workshop on Social Media and Digital Maturity: Implications for National Security – Singapore, October 31, 2013
Session Title: Using Social Media Analytics in Investigation and Analysis – Current Issues & Trends

Event Title: HP Regional Marketing SoMe Seminar – Bali, February 14th 2013
Session Title: Social Media Measurement Training  

Event Title: eCommerce + Social Media – Singapore, January 21st – 22nd 2013 & Hong Kong, January 24th‐25th 2013
Session Title: Putting it into practice: Measuring social media marketing efforts

Event Title: Social Media Marketing & Measurement Workshop – Jakarta, January 17th – 18th 2013, Workshop Leader

Event Title: Strategic Integrated Marketing Communications – Ho Chi Minh, November 29th – 30th 2012
Session Title: Evaluating the Effectiveness of IMC Strategies against Set Objectives  

Event Title: Applied Human Factors & Ergonomics 2012 – San Francisco, July 19th – 25th, 2012
Session Title: Service Science and the Social Enterprise

Event Title: B2C Social Media Marketing Asia Masterclass – Singapore, September 24th ‐ 25th 2012
Session Title: Driving Commercial Value from Social Media through data‐driven decision making