How to succeed with data analytics [VIDEO]

Reading Time: 1 Minute

So clearly I lied in my post about publishing new content next week, 3 weeks ago 😜

I am working on a few articles right now, but they're taking a little longer to finish than I anticipated. But I promise new content will be up soon.

In the meantime, I'm excited to share that I've managed to track down the video for a talk I gave last year at the 2016 Asia Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Conference (AMES), which has now been rebranded to TANGRAMS Asia.

The talk was titled The Human Side of Analytics, and covers 10 tips for helping your business succeed with data analytics.

Enjoy (and forgive my mispronunciation of Edward Tufte's (TUFF-tee) last name.

I had written about this talk on my blog previously, so go here if you want a slide by slide run down of the presentation.

You can also get the slides here on Slideshare.

Quick disclaimer: I'm no longer with SapientNitro, as I've moved on to a new role as Managing Director of YouGov Singapore.