HI there, I'm Stephen and welcome to Analythical

I'm a Singapore-based Canadian-born digital storyteller who loves to play with data as a means to change the way we see, understand and interact with the world. 

I currently work at YouGov where I lead the Singapore office and operations. This includes managing a research and commercial team, as well as driving growth through both operational and product innovation. Prior to joining the team at YouGov I spent most of his career building analytics teams and capabilities at digital agencies, including MRM/McCann (IPG), WE Communications and SapientRazorfish (Publicis).

I'm deeply passionate about analytics and research and believe that the best applications of data-driven thinking are always found at the intersection of creativity and science.

If you like, you can read my formal bio here.

So what does Analythical mean?

Good question! Analythical is a play on words which combines analytics (the "discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data") and ethics (the "science of moral duty'"). Any marketer who utilises data for different means (e.g. measuring past performance or optimization) is essentially concerned with the discovery of truth. Whether your analysing clickstream data on your .COM to better understand how visitors get from A to B or using primary research to understand what your audience thinks about a product, the end game is always to arrive at the facts or reality which help to explain the what and the why. Unfortunately, marketers are often under pressure to deliver outcomes as quickly and cost effectively as possible, and we don't typically have the luxury of time that say, an academic may have when it comes to planning, designing and carrying out an experiment. Hence, Analythical is about finding the right balance in marketing analytics and research that enables us to be lean and nimble without compromising on the quality or integrity of the process

Notably, Urban Dictionary defines analythical as a "portmanteau of analytical and mythical. Investigation that everyone agrees needs to be done, but nobody ever gets around to doing." Not so much concerned with the ethics part, but still sounds good to me!

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